Posted on : February 21, 2020
Written By : Zakir Kaldane
How to attain a Millionaire Lifestyle

Almost everyone wants to live a life of luxury, comfort and ease. One would think that to be have such a lifestyle, you should either be born in a rich business family or get very lucky with life. With all honesty, such mindset is a complete not to have.

It is true when it is said that this requires a lot of hard work, patience and a very major time investment.

There are almost hundreds of entrepreneurs out there who will bring you to this harsh reality but also reassure you about the fact that all your efforts put in the right place and at the right time will enlighten you up with sweetness and satisfaction.

Let us get started!

Have a Bigger and Better Goal Everyday

Wake up everyday thinking of achieving more than yesterday. Increase your hunger for success and thrive to earn it. Don’t just think of doing something big and not going out of your way to accomplish your vision.

No matter how small your goal is unless and until it keeps on becoming bigger and better than your previous goal. It is sometimes the minor you do everyday that end up impacting a major part of your lifestyle.

Start anywhere and with anything. Reading a book everyday to gain knowledge and to learn and avoid the mistakes committed previously by others, learning a skill online through a course which may help you to set up a side income or help you in your current work profile. There are so many things you can start with and remember to never end what you started as there is always something extra to learn.

Always Have a Second Source Of Steady Income

One of the most important part of a luxury lifestyle is to have a separate source of income alongside your main source of income. In other words, a second income helps you maintain your daily expenses and at the same time providing you extra support if something unexpected happens to your main source of income.

As the saying goes “two is always better than one and more is better than none”, the message being conveyed here that having multiple sources of something beneficial serves as an advantage rather than having only one source.
Think about it this way, what would happen if your body was just built on just one joint? You wouldn’t be able to perform the basic functions.

In a recent survey, statistics have shown that people who have built a secondary source of income are more financially free and are also able to save a heavy amount of their main income which can later be used to invest to increase the income value.

Remove credit from your Life and Live below your Standard

Credit or in other words also known as debt is the worst companion you can bring along in your journey to being a millionaire, it’s almost like you’re bringing along an enemy. You must try your level best to avoid credit cards and must only have debit cards in your wallet.

Credit of anything may lead to stress which can then result in loss of productivity and concentration, both very important for achieving your daily goals.

Avoiding credit initially helps you to make firm decisions due to only two options being available at your hand. It’s either a yes (you have the money) or a no (you may have the money and want to save or you don’t have the money). 

Spend Below Your Wants at First

Always remember this rule when stepping out of your house or even while surfing the internet.
Excessive spending leads to a major loss of a one’s saving. There may be products which will develop an urge in you to buy it straight away but you should stop yourself and ask, whether you really need it or is it gonna benefit you in the near future or is it helping you build your character. Only after you answer every question stopping you from purchasing the product, you may proceed.

You may want something but also at the same time your inner self would know a much better place to invest that money into. Always looks for profitable increases.

Read Books to Improve and Learn from others.

Increase, improve and rebuild!

Never stop reading! It helps you to develop a new perspective to look at situations. Reading opens up your area of understanding to a wider extent than normal.

Reading the books written by successful people help you to understand the struggles they had been through and how you can avoid them in your journey to success. There really isnt a better way to build a higher self-esteem than reading books because it teaches you lessons throughout the entire story. Your brain acts like a memory storage device, storing all the important notes acquired from the books you have read.

Reading activates your brain so start reading right now!

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