Posted on : December 19, 2019
Written By : Zakir Kaldane
Reasons To Start Reading Today

Now you might just ask yourself should I start reading? How does reading help you? Does reading make you smarter? What does reading do to your brain? Does reading improve memory? How does reading reduce stress? How does reading affect the brain? Infact will reading actually benefit me? So many questions right! Get ready to be amazed.

First of all what is reading? Reading is a process that involves recognizing words, leading to the development of comprehension and other skills. According to research, reading is a process that negotiates the meaning between the text and its reader.

So what are the benefits of reading and why you should start reading today shall be the main objective of this article. We hope that you will inherit and share this knowledge with your friends, family and others. Let’s get started.

Reading Improves Vocabulary

Knowledge of words is one of the most important factors in today’s world for communication and understanding. As you read more, you often tend to come across words you’ve never seen or heard before, this arouses your interest in know what that word means and its usage in your speech where its context applies.

Similarly, the more you read, the better you can communicate.

So next time you commence reading, keep a small notebook and note down the unfamiliar words. Then after you finish reading for that following period, go through the list of words you’ve written down while looking up its definition. There you have it, an increase your vocabulary.

Reading improves The Encephalon

One of the most important and hard working muscle of your body is your brain. Keeping it active is a very crucial part of everyday. It is said that reading is is one of the best workouts for your brain, hence it is given so much importance.

Reading intensifies the connectivity of the brain, increases the memory capacity, helps to think in a more sequential manner because of how a regular book is ordered with a beginning, middle and an ending. Reading activates our brain to look at things in more detail and with more patience rather than just rushing through it.

Reading helps to reduce the total stress, gives you a fresher mind to look at things with a more positive perspective, it makes you feel more empathy towards an individual involved in a particular situation. Scientifically there is so much more but we”ll save that for another day.

Reading Builds Self esteem

Consistent reading can help you become more informative in different areas and aspects of life, having more knowledge of what you have gotten into gives a greater sense of confidence, being more productive and expressing yourself in a better way, all of this will help you deliver better than the rest, hence building a better version of yourself which results in higher self esteem.

There really isn’t a better way to build a higher self esteem than reading books because it teaches you lessons throughout the entire story, while you are reading, your brain is taking notes for you so you can build your character according to what you are reading.


Reading Helps You To Save Money

Reading isn’t an expensive hobby so everyone can take advantage of it.

Unlike other physical or electronic related activity which benefits you, reading requires no maintenance (only taking care of the book), there is not really use of any internet unless it is a one time ebook download.

Reading books on everyday skills can come is handy very often because next time something similar happens you will not have the need to call someone and pay them to do it for you but this time you can do it yourself and save some extra cash for future useful purposes.

Reading Is Better Than Watching Videos (Opinion Based)

This is completely bases on a person’s personal opinion but in general most people would consider to read a book rather than watch a movie or a video about the book. This is because a movie can never capture everything that is going on wich includes what is the character thinking of.

Books help us visualize and create an image of a character and as well as the place the character is in, as a result our mind creates it according to our liking or preference. Where as in movies we might get disappointed due to the fact that the character did not meet our expectation of the scene isn’t giving us the vibes of being present with the character.

A movie rushes through things because they want to end it as quickly as possible hence the duration of a movie is a maximum 3 hours but compared to a book which will go through every single detail of the character, setting and plot.